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Shamrock Detailing

Shamrock Detailing

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Packages We Offer

Basic Full Detail

Make your car look showroom-ready with our Basic Full Detail package. This package includes a thorough interior detail of all surfaces, and leaves a show room shine for the exterior.

Services included:


- Foam Bath

- Rims & Tires Cleaned

- Glass Cleaned Inside/Out

- Carnauba wax applied

- Tire Shine Applied


- Precise Vacuuming

- Rubber Mats Cleaned

- Interior Plastic Surfaces Wiped Down

- Cup Holders Detailed

- Interior Glass Cleaned

- Door Jambs Cleaned

Showroom Detailing Package


  • Precise vacuuming

  • Fabric carpeting & seating shampoo'd and extracted

  • Plastic surfaces wiped down

  • Cup holders cleaned thoroughly

  • Leather cleaned and conditioned

  • Interior glass cleaned

  • Door Jambs cleaned


  • Hand washing

  • Rims & tires detailed

  • Wheel wells cleaned ( plastic wheel wells are dressed )

  • Tires shined

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Exterior glass cleaned

  • Trim restored

  • 12 month paint sealant applied

  • 6 month ceramic windshield coating applied

5-6 hours needed

Deep Interior Cleaning

Make sure your car is squeaky clean on the inside with our Interior Deep Cleaning package. We’ll take care of the precise vacuuming, fabric carpeting & seating shampoo’d and extracted, plastic interior surfaces cleaned, cup holders cleaned thoroughly, leather cleaned and conditioned, interior glass cleaned.

Services included:

• Precise vacuuming

• Fabric carpeting & seating shampoo’d and extracted

• Plastic interior surfaces cleaned

• Cup holders cleaned thoroughly

• Leather cleaned and conditioned

• Interior glass cleaned

3 + hours needed depending on the condition

Services We Provide

Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Coating? Ceramic coating is a liquid applied to your vehicle that hardens, forming a semi-permanent barrier. In addition to an increased level of gloss and shine, coatings also add a deepening and richening of colors. Blacks will be blacker, reds will be a deeper red, etc. Also on colored or satin wheels, coatings will have the same effect. It will not turn satin wheels glossy, but it will add a darkening and richening effect.

Paint Touch Up

Auto repair for minor scuffs, scratches, and chips can be buffed and polished to bring back that factory finish.

Paint Correction

Convenience meets excellence with our mobile detailing service. Sit back and relax as our skilled team brings the full auto detailing experience right to your doorstep, ensuring your vehicle receives the same level of meticulous care and attention without the hassle of leaving your home or office.

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